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Video Rule #1: It’s About the Client

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During the time that we’ve been producing video we’ve learned a lot. We’ve seen our peers and competition do it the right way and the wrong way and have taken good notes. One thing that has perplexed us is how some video producers approach video. It seems that some focus more on themselves or producing video that will impress other video producers rather than meeting the client’s needs.

For example, from time to time we take on projects for enterprise video companies. These companies have a large salesforce calling SMBs across the country selling video, sometimes as part of a larger marketing package. The company then outsources the production to a local video producer, which is where we come in. In producing videos like this the graphics and titles are usually standardized, and in most cases reflecting the branding of the large video agency rather than the small business that’s paying for the video. Recently we produced one of these types of videos, and the standardized titles and graphics for every video were primarily green and white, based upon the video agency’s own branding. Upon receiving feedback on from the SMB they stated “Please change the colors of the graphics as green and white are the colors of our primary competitor’s branding.” The video agency declined to change the colors on the final video. So instead of using all of the possible video value towards the client, they took a small piece of the video and made it about their large video company. In our opinion, the little value they gave themselves was in no comparison to what that could have provided the SMB.

This large video company violated what we believe is rule #1 when producing video: It’s all about the client. Our belief is that if someone is going to pay you money to produce a video for them, you should give them the maximum value for it. We know that branding is important, but when it bleeds over into diluting the value of your deliverables it can be a problem. Focus on the client and make them feel good about their decision to use video as a marketing tool.